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Well the elections are out of the way, well the British one for the time being. The French election was no surprise in the final round. Which is more than can be said for the British result or non result.  Not ideal for the housing market but we have to deal with what the situation is. On the face of it there has not been a fundamental change of policy just a rather tarnished Prime Minister.
How long Mrs MAY or should it be Mayhem will last will emerge over the next couple of weeks. The Conservatives do not usual hang onto failed leaders for long. It will be a surprise if she makes it to the party conference in September. We could be looking at another election in October or early next near.
What does it mean for French property. Hard to sale but we have seen a pick up in British people buying and viewing. For the 2nd home market it does not really matter as anyone can have a 2nd home in France. For those moving permanently there seems to be the view that is better to get in before Brexit and on the principal that a deal will be done to protect British people living in the EU.  With inquiries on the rise we are looking forward to a productive summer.


Spring has sprung

With the arrival of spring we are seeing a marked increase of the number of enquiries. Also the return of the British buyers. Since  the Brexit vote there was a fall off of British buyers looking to live in France and to the second home market because of the uncertainty.
At the end of 2016 we saw more sale of holiday homes but since the new year an increase in the number of people making a permanent home. This is very encouraging, although nothing much has changed in the political side, there seems to be a change in attitude that people are not going to let Brexit spoil their plans and dreams. There is a long way to go and it may take many years to sort out. In the meantime life goes on. By the time any exit actually happens Europe is likely to be a very changed place if it still exists.
Meanwhile we have some excellent properties available offering excellent value for money. We are also taking on more properties every week. Buying in France is more than just brick and mortar it is about lifestyle and quality of life.
Looking at what French property can offer for the price now is a very good time to buy.



Many people have been asking us what is going to happen after the Brexit vote.

The answer is a mixed result. For those buying a second home or holiday home the answer is not much. Whether Great Britain leaves or continues in the EU, British citizens can continue to own 2nd homes as they are at the moment.

For people either living in France or looking to move to France the situation is less clear. For the moment nothing has happened and until Great Britain actually leaves there is no change. The question is will GB actually leave? There may have been a vote and a change of prime minister but apart from that nothing has formally happened.

It seems likely ,as Mrs May was on the remain side as are a majority of the new cabinet, there is not going to be a rush for the exit. We feel it is more than likely that a deal or arrangement will emerge. Rather than having mass deportations in either country, which will be to no ones advantage.

We will advise clients as soon as there is firm information but for the time being there is no reason not to continue to enjoy being in this wonderful country.


New Homes

We are delighted to be able to offer custom built new homes through our partner in Niort.  There are styles and designs available from around 120 000€.  We are able to offer a bespoke service as well and a plot finding service. Please contact Adrian SIMMONDS on 06 11 85 54 11 for mare information.


Our New Site

We have just upgraded our website to be user friendly to smartphones and tablets we hope you enjoy the site. There may be a few teething problems but as part of our ongoing commitment we will rectify them as fast as possible.

Nos derniers biens

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Surf.hab: 127 m², 10 pièces, terrain 410 m²